The ForeFront Mission

ForeFront CSL is dedicated to helping communities and individuals work, play, and live in a more sustainable way, by sharing new technologies and initiatives, and developing innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle the materials we use on a daily basis; championing renewable energy resources, waste management and local production as methods for living in a more sustainable manner.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What is ForeFront?

ForeFront Creative Solutions Laboratory is a discovery company and consulting firm founded by Gregory Delaune. Greg is experienced educator and design professional dedicated to the mission of realizing a better world through the application of sustainable design principals, the use of renewable energy sources, and the recycling and reuse of raw materials for the construction of high quality building elements, interiors and furnishings.

The “creative solutions laboratory” forms the core of ForeFront's collaborative workshop and events agenda. The laboratory is a virtual space for discovery and problem solving, where the ForeFront's network partners meet to formulate innovative solutions for how to help businesses and private residences manage the various components of an integrated approach to sustainable building and facilities management (e.g. grey water, green roof and waste systems). The consulting activities form the foundation of a larger mission to help businesses and ForeFront network participants to apply sustainable technology and practices in the operation of their homes and businesses. To further this objective, ForeFront hosts events and training seminars that showcase the network's products and services while generally promoting sustainability and social responsibility (e.g., domestic resource conservation, waste reduction and management, corporate social responsibility ((CSR)), green construction, and environmentally responsible business practices).

Core products and services:
  • Sustainable business operation strategies: Facilities management and marketing solutions for maximizing a business’s commitment to environmentally responsible business practices
  • Green building systems: Grey water, renewable energy, waste management and reduction systems, and techniques for reducing the consumptions of natural resources (minimizing a home or businesses’ carbon footprint)
  • Urban planning: Sustainable land use and open space policy and design for neighborhoods, disctricts and regional areasSustainable business operation strategies, including facilities management and marketing solutions for maximizing a business’s commitment to environmentally responsible business practices;

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